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"Dreamdance in Blue" Neckpiece  

©2021 by Linda Kaye-Moses

Photography © Evan J. Soldinger

“ Audacious, Unruly Jewelry ”

My work emphasizes the narrative

capacity of art in general, and

wearable objects specifically, with

a focus on mythic connections and

adornment as empowering object. 

Many of my jewels are paired

with ‘nesting cases’, poetry, and drawings

that  thematically frame and re-emphasize

the jewels themselves.


The rich texture of my jewels encourages

the viewer/wearer to read and re-read

them as stories to be lingered over

and unraveled.




If you saw us at the October 2021 PARADISE CITY ARTS FESTIVAL in Northampton,

Thanks for being there!

We will be at the Paradise City Arts Festival in Marlborough MA, March 18–20, 2022.

 Please see our updated calendar for our 2022 shows.